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I've said enough ! Come at me with something clever and you can ask me annnnything else u want. I'm not shy @ alllll.....
HighSchool: A B Miller High School
ElementarySchool: Preston Elementary School
Music: I love allll kinds of music but mostly southern rap ,r&b,gospel and jazz! My fave artists are Ludacris,Nelly,Clipse,Thee Tom Hardy,9th wonder,Phonte, oscar peterson&luis armstrong.
TV: Mostly Nat Geo , Sci Fi and Discovery. I like to watch TV that will teach me a lil something cuz I'm smarter than the average bear!
Books: Toooo many to mention ! Ask me if u wanna know !
Sports: Baseball=Dodgers baby ! Basketball=Celtics ! Football = Raiders & Saints ! Who dat say dey gna beat dem Saints! Faker fans can F off! Haha! Yupp I said it !
Interests: I love to camp and hike and be outdoors period! Nature has a serene calming effect on me! I have two amazing children that I love to spend time with ! Im wacky , crazy & say whatever happens to be on my mind which depending on my mood can be very intelligent and profound orrr the stupidest thing uve ever heard.
Movies: Not a huge movie person but I love comedies . Pineapple express,dinner with shmucks and get him to the greek were hiiilarious!
BestFeatures: My best feature would be my sharp mind ...? Ohhh you wanna hear bout my ASSets? Yeah I have a fat bootay for a white girl , delicious curves and eyes that will make you fall in love. But don't forget I'm smart !
Dreams: My dreams are simple .... to live through Christ and be a good mother and someday a wonderful wife to an amazing man. I found him ! ;)

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