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Im 21. I have dark brown hair hazel eyes. I have 2 sisters, I'm the oldest. I live in carlsbad nm, for about 19 years now. I have a one year old son, names jakob aaron. I am a full time college student with the university of phoenix-axia brank. I like to cuddle and kiss. I am a texting-holic. I love watching movies. IM SINGLE!...I hate being single just wish I could find one MAN that isn't like all of the others. I am sweet funny caring loving honest nice respectful trustworthy all I want is to love and be loved truly madly deeply.
HighSchool: Carlsbad High School
JuniorHighSchool: Alta Vista Middle School
ElementarySchool: Monterrey Elementary School
Music: anything that has a good beat
TV: csi, csi:ny, spongebobsquarepants, any really
Books: i love laurene mcdaniel and love suspense books any really
Sports: any i guess
Interests: reading writing kids drawing
Movies: comedy romance scary any really
BestFeatures: my eyes my smile my personality loyalty honesty and lovingness
Dreams: to live life to the fullest, have more money than just getting by, work on family problems with mom and everyone, find a man that wont run and hide and become the family i want to have, be loved truly.

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